Our story begins in the mixer and ends on the plate. We make great food for great people and like to talk about how we do it.

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3 Wianno Ave
Osterville, MA 02655

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about the bakery

There’s a reason most gatherings end up in the kitchen. Whether we’re swapping stories or trying a new pastry, the best place to connect with others is around a table. Amie is a small, specialty bakery that likes to think of itself as our town’s kitchen. The only thing we enjoy more than baking for our neighbors is spending time with them.

We also put a lot of care into what we feed our customers. At Amie we make everything from scratch and in small batches. We use local ingredients from artisans who, like us, are passionate about what they do. From traditional pastries and classic breakfast and lunch items to homemade sodas and ice cream floats—we serve up food people love, in a place no one wants to leave.

about the baker

Amie Smith has always loved baking and watching friends enjoy her creations. Maybe it’s because of her lifelong obsession with Julia Child, or maybe it’s because she grew up elbow-deep in her father’s stockpots of batter. Either way, after more than two decades of working as a corporate writer in Manhattan and a teacher at Northeastern University, this pastry chef at heart couldn’t ignore the call any longer.

Today, with a degree from the Institute of Culinary Education, Amie is on a mission to share her love for “real” pastries. In her words, “If you haven’t tasted real pastry cream, you probably think the vanilla pudding you’re buying is delicious. But once you taste the real thing, you can’t go back.”

Whether she’s baking for others, or showing people how to prepare real treats for themselves, Amie’s at her best when she’s in the kitchen, right back where it all began.

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